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Stars´ League Member 2020

Desislava Deseva

Financial consultant MetLife Bulgaria

„It turns out that the world, with all its shortcomings is in a better state than we think. But if we worry constantly about everything instead of looking at the situation based on the facts, we could loose the ability to focus on the actual threats.“ This is an excerpt from the book by Hans Rosling, Factfulness, which I recommend to anyone who believes they may be losing touch with the world around.

Life insurance in all its aspects of protecting one’s standard of living at the various stages of life is a profession, a craft, a skill, an attitude, a business, based mainly on statistical facts, i.e. rationality…however „The world cannot be understood without numbers. But the world cannot be understood with numbers alone,“ H. Rosling.

The experience of my colleagues and mine as well shows that locally and internationally the choice of life insurance is an emotional decision.

In 2019, after more than 10 years of professional practice in the field of communications I channeled my experience towards changing the environment we live in: namely to work for the benefit of people and to the change the reputation of life insurance by bringing it closer to all of you so that you may see yourself that rational decisions are of value.

… because one of the most precious lessons I learned is that we often need and want something which we cannot attain anymore. No matter the price. Certainly one such thing is life insurance.

Every conversation carries its own character:

Expectations and engagement come from you, and clarity and competence – from me.

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For Desislava, “enthusiasm“and “desire for new knowledge“ are not foreign words. During our work together, Markenbau has always appreciated her readiness to grasp new knowledge and her persistence before challenges.

The different thinking, the positive attitude, as well as an inexplicably motivating discipline and perfectionism: these are the things I associate with Desislava. I hope her desire to correct communication among people, and even between different countries, spreads among the people around her.

Heliya Chavdarova, Heros Vision, Sofia

I have known Desislava since her years at the university in Leipzig: even then she was looking at the world with her eyes wide open and wanted to take from everything that enriches her passion and creativity. We have been working together again throughout the years and I would be glad if Desi could find recognition for her work in Bulgaria as well: she deserves it.

Besides being a passionate individual, Desislava has proven herself as responsible professional who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.

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